Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why resole?
    Resoling saves you money. When you resole you get more wear out of your climbing shoes. The cost of one, or more, reoles is far less than the cost of a new shoe. Also resoling keeps you in your already broken in and comfortable shoes longer.
  • How much?
    $35.00 per pair.
  • How long?
    Our goal is to get your shoes back to you quickly. Give us two weeks, but we will try to beat that. If you have an urgent need let us know and we will try to accomodate you.
  • How do I make my shoes last longer?
    • Keep shoes in a cool dry place.
    • Keep away from any petroleum oil products.
    • Get them resoled before they have holes. You can see it coming so keep an eye out. After climbing on very abrasive rock, check your shoes. Especially abrasive slab climbs.
    • Do not walk in them too much. Use something else for your decent and approach.
  • Are there any businesses or websites that you recommend?

    Thank you for your business!

    Please call or email us if we didn't cover something.

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